Porshe 911 996 1999-2005 Service Manual – Car Service

Porshe 911 996 1999-2005 Service Manual

The illustrious Porsche 911 sports car (pronounced as Nine Eleven, German: Neunelfer) is made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. The 911 has a unique design with a rear engine and a swing axle rear suspension, similar to the Porsche designed VW Beetle. 

Although the car has gone through continuous development throughout the years (from 1964 to now), the 911 manages to keep its basic design. Thus the basic concept of the vehicle has seen minimal changes throughout its evolution.

Before the the introduction of the newly designed Porsche 911 model in 1998, the “Type 996”, the previous models of the 911 were all used air cooled opposed rear engine layouts.

Porshe 911 996 1999-2005 Service Manual

Porshe 911 – 996 1999-2005 – Service Manual Porshe 911 – Car Service911 Modifications:Since its introduction to the sports car world until now, the 911 has been modified both by private owners and teams and by the factory itself for racing, rallying and other forms of automotive competition, of course this only underscores the wide appeal of this iconic sports car.

911 Success In Motorsport: The Porsche 911 has won thousands of motorsports races over a period of four decades, thus establishing itself as a world champion in motorsports. In the mid 1970s, the 911 Carrera RSR won major world championship sports car races such as Daytona, Targa Florio, Nurburgring and Sebring.

Mainly because of certain rules, the 911 was absence from much of the races in the 1980s. That said when it returned in the 1990s as the Porsche 993 it had a lot of success on the motorsports circuits, including the like the GT2 turbo model.

It should also be documented that the water cooled Porsche 996 had a lot of success in racing after the GT3 variant was introduced in 1999

911 Recognition:The 911 was recognized as one the most influential car of the twentieth century; it came in at fifth place. It should be noted that amongst the top five cars selected, the 911 is the only one that has maintained continuous production.

Porshe 911 996 1999-2005 Service Manual 

Porsche 911 Nomenclature:

With regards to the internal names given to the 911 throughout the years; below is a list of some of the 911 and their respective internal numbers.

See headings below for Porsche’s internal name classifications:

  1. Porsche 911 (1964-1989)
  2. Porsche 930 a turbo version of the original 911 made from 1975-1989
  3. Porsche 964 (1990-1994)
  4. Porsche 993 (1995-1998)
  5. Porsche 996 (1999-2005) all new body and water-cooled engines
  6. Porsche 997 (2006-Present)

Additionally, the terms Carrera, Carrera 2 and 4, GT3, RS and Turbo, and so forth refer to the specific model trim, although they are all 911 models; for example the Porsche 911 Turbo.

911 Series:The Over the years Porsche have used letters to indicate the revision of production cars; for example series letter like A, B, C and so on. These changes more often than not take place annually to reflect changes for the new model year.

The first 911 models are referred to as the “A series”, and the first 993 cars are the known as the “R series”.

Please note that not models are mentioned above. The models listed are vehicles that played a major role in the advancement of technology and the role they played in influencing other vehicles from Porsche.

Porshe 911 - 996 1999-2005 - Service Manual Porshe 911 - Car Service
Porshe 911 - 996 1999-2005 - Service Manual Porshe 911 - Car Service
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Porshe 911 996 1999-2005 Service Manual 

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