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He attributes some civilian sales a year, but the Ford Transit Connect van is aimed primarily at small businesses that put their very high load area and the cockpit of a rather crude to good use.

With only a few changes this year running, the Turkish-built Transit Connect still looks every bit like the slightly modified commercial vehicle has been sold in Europe for some years. This is a utility vehicle in the most utilitarian, and his style is limited to hone down some of the most difficult corners and costumes functional cabin in the least amount of material possible. It is a smaller version, but surely, the Transit Connect has more in common with the great commercial vans still offered by Ford, which it does with any of their luxury crossovers.

The Transit Connect is a big boy V-8-power as Econolines. It is based off compact car running gear and sports offered by a single transmission – a 136-horsepower, 2.0 liter four cylinder engine coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission with front wheel drive. It is suitable for urban duty cycle, and slow to accelerate to highway speed, though that happens is a bit more secure and confident. The economics of fuel TC is 21 mpg / 27, a great improvement over the numbers would win in a full-size pickup. A battery electric Transit Connect van is preparing for the 2012 model year, but we have not had the chance to drive yet.

The CT scores high points with us for maneuverability on city streets. The turning radius is tight, and the wheels are pushed to the corners, giving the compressibility through it is absolutely necessary for its functions in euros. In somewhat more difficult, the mass of the Transit Connect and height are drawn to, as it rolls and leans in the corners and run out of suspension travel.

It’s really all huge interior space, accessible from sliding side doors or the tailgate. It is a spacious vehicle for all types of equipment and property, with 135 cubic feet of space behind the front seats. Ford helps drivers maximize the space with a wide range of fittings and accessories that can be configured from the Transit Connect with removable racks, rails and cargo containers. It is the perfect transportation for owner-operators and locksmiths and petsitters they need robust, configurable space, can be washed.

Safety is improved a bit this year in some versions, such as Ford added standard with Roll Stability Control programming for all models. Each version comes with antilock brakes and six airbags. Passenger versions have glass windows in the rear, but they are the church-door style with a central pillar that the profile of the blocks – but still much better than the commercial version, which replaces the entire rear glass metal panels.

The features are scarce in this mostly commercial-minded maxi-van. Bluetooth is available, but the Ford SYNC and your audio controller is not. Parking sensors and a rearview camera are the options – along with a business oriented package tracking keeps a watch on the location and the time spent there by drivers.

We can not recommend this van to anyone looking to replace a conventional minivan or crossover, but if your family has a small family business in hand, the Transit Connect can be the only vehicle on the market today that can meet all your needs daily.

Ford Transit 2012 User Manual
Ford Transit 2012 User Manual
Price: $7.00

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