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The 2012 Ford Expedition occupies 1 in 8 affordable large SUVs. This classification is based on analysis of 59 published reviews and test drives of the Ford Expedition, and our analysis of reliability and data security.

The 2012 Ford Expedition is a good choice among truck-based SUVs, but if you are looking for a fun to drive an SUV or a family car with an interior of high technology, competition may be better.

As automakers grow its crossover SUV lines less capable, but more comfortable-the 2012 Ford Expedition is still a truck-based SUV. It can tow more than a few trucks with seating for eight and offer true four-wheel drive, rather than part-time AWD. In addition, respondents say it is even more refined than other large SUVs, thanks to independent rear suspension provides a smooth ride and above all makes it more agile than some of its competitors. Although the seat base is pretty basic, higher trim levels adds useful features at a price that is competitive with rivals of the expedition.


Test drivers say many of the drawbacks of the Ford Expedition from the type of vehicle it is. The reviewers note that most families to find an SUV than eight seats would be better to consider a crossover or a minivan. Crossovers offer all-wheel drive capacity of the poor weather conditions, while the compensation better fuel economy and provide a driving experience that is more fun. And minivans still the quintessential family vehicle, with some of the most innovative market and unbeatable cargo space. The issue can not match its fuel economy, car-like driving dynamics or boy friend.

Choosing the expedition means you get a third row of adult size, heavy duty and towing capacity of a comfortable ride at the expense of fuel economy and driving dynamics. However, if you have decided to stay with an affordable large SUV, reviewers say the issue is a good choice in its class.

Ford Expedition 2012 Owner Manual
Ford Expedition 2012 Owner Manual
Price: $6.00

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