Jeep Grand Cherokee Fresh air door

Modify of seasons at times reveals difficulties with a automobile that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Ford explorer that has an Outdoors air leak behind the glove box, then you could have a broken fresh air door (AKA Recirculate Door or Max Door). The fresh air door is employed to both recirculate air in the passenger compartment or enable fresh air to enter the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning) system. Remarkably the Explorer and the Grand Cherokee share a frequent flaw in the heating and AC system. The fresh air doors are weak plastic that several instances beneath the anxiety of the handle actuator can break. When it really is cold Outdoors this difficulty helps make itself really obvious. In hotter climates in the summertime, a broken fresh air door dramatically lowers the air conditioning’s efficiency.

Checking it is effortless by working the fresh air door and listening for enhanced airflow. When the climate management setting is moved to max, the sound of the air blowing by way of the vents need to be louder due to the fact the fresh air door is sealing off the Outdoors air, forcing the within air to recirculate. If the sound is not louder, you can open the glove box door and seem behind it for the operation of the door when switching the setting from standard to max. If the door is not visibly moving, it really is very likely that it has broken. The door often can even fall to the bottom of the situation, positioned appropriate over the blower. It could not be in sight, at times you can stick your fingers by way of the plastic grate and come to feel the door laying loose on the bottom.

Substitute of the door is not a do it by yourself task. The dash demands to be swung out and the HVAC situation eliminated on Grand Cherokees. On Ford Explorers the task can be carried out with out the elimination of the situation, but the assembly need to be replaced. Clearly if the situation demands to be eliminated, the refrigerant need to be recovered, which demands an ac machine. So if you are mechanically inclined the one that might be completed at house could be the Explorer, of program this depends on your mechanical capability. Even if you are not going to do this work your self, this info can be employed to help clarify to the restore store what the difficulty is. By supplying much more details to lead the technician to the dilemma region, diagnosis time can be decreased.

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