Chevrolet Federal Oldtimers – Carservice

Chevrolet Federal Oldtimers – Carservice
The old is a rare book, published privately printed in 1957 by the schoolmaster, cartographer, editor and author JL Carr, on his second visit to teach at a public school in Huron, South Dakota, USA.

Chevrolet Federal Oldtimers – Carservice

At age 25, after training as a teacher, JL Carr applies to English-speaking Union for the exchange of one year as a teacher and arrived in Huron, South Dakota on October 1, 1938. Some of his experiences in Huron were incorporated into the novel The Battle of Pollock’s Crossing.

After military service during the war of the Royal Air Force in West Africa and in military intelligence in England, Carr returned to teaching. In 1951 he was named the first director of Highfields School in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and in 1956 took a year off to return to Huron with his wife Sally and his son Robert, to spend another year at Public School Huron.l.

Image by Frank Kehren
Chevrolet and Federal Oldtimers, Atlanta Underground, Georgia

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